You spoke and we listened. Customized learning to bridge the gap between the skills of your people and the growth needs of your organization.

All of our workshops may be customized to meet your business needs and are delivered on-site for your convenience. In-company programs are cost effective and focus specifically on your current business challenges.

Here are topics that you can choose from…

1. Disasters 101: Introduction to Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC)
2. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
3. Gaining Management Buy-In
4. Supply Chain Business Continuity Planning
5. Social Media and Managing Crisis Communication
6. Becoming an Impromptu Company Spokesperson – Social Media
7. Crisis Communication Strategies and Techniques
8. Mandatory vs. Voluntary Evacuation
9. Personal/Family Preparedness 
10. Cyber Risks and Emerging Technology/Threats
11. Ransomware Prevention and Response 
12. Violence Preparedness
13. Emergency Response to an Active Shooter
14. Terrorism and Civil Unrest
15. Bioterrorism
16. Restoration and Recovery Strategies
17. Infectious Disease Research and Policy/Pandemic
18. Domestic Terrorism and Global Terrorism
19. Improvised Nuclear Device Threat & Response
20. Travel Risk Management/Travel Security Program
21. Assessing Critical Infrastructure
22. Power Assurance: The Number One Business Disruption
23. Basics of Building a Business Continuity Program
24. Five Ways to Increase Preparedness in your Organization with Minimal Budget, Time and Resources
25. Making the Case for Public and Private Sector Collaboration for Disaster Survival
26. Understanding the Crisis/Incident Timeline – What Happens Between the Point of Interruption and Business Resumption?
27. The Internet of Things (IoT)
28. IT Security Architecture
29. Cloud Computing Changes Everything
30. Security and political risk
31. Severe Weather – Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Winter Storms and Risk Mitigation Strategies & Tactics
32. Lessons Learned from the Recent Hurricane Season
33. Exercising Your Emergency Plans
34. Business Interruption Insurance vs. Business Continuity Planning
35. Leadership and Leadership During Crisis
36. How to Motivate Others to Embrace Preparedness
37. Demonstrating ROI for Emergency Preparedness
38. Prevailing Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines
39. How to Develop Your Company’s Own Emergency Response Team
40. Workplace Violence

Our Development Team will also develop special programs. These programs can be taken from elements of topics listed above or entirely new subject matter based on your needs. We will conduct a needs assessment to ensure that the program fully meets the needs of our client.

Registration Costs

Two-Days: Two-days of on-site presentation with instructor services.
(Master set of hand-outs included) US$8,500

One-Day: One day of on-site presentation with instructor services.
(Master set of hand-outs included) US$5,500

If there is extensive pre-course design and preparation, there will be an additional charge.

The client also covers out-of-pocket expenses, such as training room rental, audiovisual equipment, refreshments, duplication of hand-outs, and instructor travel (round-trip airline ticket, hotel, food, and local transportation).

If you would like additional information, please contact our Professional Development Program Manager, for in-company, customized training by telephone 800-881-4510 or by e-mail

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